A Home Left Behind

When I first moved out of Toronto into a more rural setting (I love the city, but I’m not a big fan of living there), this house was still maintained a bit.  At that time plants were kept from devouring it whole.  That was over 10 years ago.

These plants are quickly reclaiming what was taken away- Click to view larger size

I would love to show a before image, which would show the change more dramatically.  Unfortunately, back then I wasn’t into photography.  I guess there’s good advice for everyone; get out there and take more pictures.  You never know when something interesting will no longer be there to photograph later.


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  1. That’s very cool Darren. I’d love to see it a bit more close up.

  2. Thanks Edith. I have a closer shot, and I want to return to this site to try other comps as well

  3. Nice shot Darren. The image and your story makes me think of The Little Shop of Horrors. 🙂

  4. Thanks Steven. I’d love to get access to this property to complete the story. When I go back I plan to ask around.

  5. Fantastic composition. Love the weeping willow (?). We just don’t get those here in Naples… 😦

  6. Thank you kindly Adam. Weeping willow are beautiful in summer. We have quite a few here in Ontario, Canada, usually around rivers and streams where they can get quite huge. This one is in a marshy area and is not a large specimen.

  7. Wow are those plants creeping up the home and taking it over? Nice shot.

  8. Mother nature reclaiming. Nice shot.

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